Environmental Responsibility

Goldin Properties has a long standing commitment to environmental sustainability and we are dedicated to minimising the environmental impacts of our business.

Sustainable development

Recognising the importance of sustainable development, we make substantial efforts in making our properties more environmentally friendly through incorporating environmental considerations into the planning, design, construction and management.

Our flagship project Goldin Metropolitan features a sustainable design concept that reduces the environmental impacts by making most out of open spaces and providing ample greenery. Each commercial building in the Central Business District employs modern curtain walls and engineering systems to reduce energy consumption and optimise the amount of sunlight inside interior spaces to create a comfortable working environment. On the 32nd and 63rd floors of the landmark building Goldin Finance 117, the sky gardens offer patrons a welcoming taste of greenery and fresh air.

Reflecting our commitment to sustainable development, the Twin Towers in the CBD have been pre-certified with a LEED Gold Award, a green building certification program of the U.S. Green Building Council that recognises best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Environmental awareness

To promote environmental awareness among our employees, we regularly partner with different environmental organisations and participate in their campaigns. In 2015, we participated in Friends of the Earth’s clothing recycling programme, and supported WWF’s Earth Hour and Green Sense’s Hong Kong No Air Con Night.

Green initiatives

We implement a range of environment protection practices at the workplace to reduce energy consumption and waste, and to promote a greener working environment. Since 2013, we have adopted the Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Guidelines at Office which cover energy conservation, paper saving and recycling.