Central Business District

Goldin Metropolitan’s Central Business District (CBD) is the ideal home to multinational companies.
Apart from the landmark skyscraper Goldin Finance 117, the CBD is completed by the high-rise Twin Towers, an international exhibition and convention centre,
a mega high-end shopping mall, a cultural and arts centre, a distinctive boutique hotel and deluxe serviced apartments.

Project Details

Goldin Finance 117

Towering over the CBD, Goldin Finance 117 is a 117-storey skyscraper built with superlative workmanship
offering the latest and the best in technology, facilities and security.

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Twin Towers

Standing at 225 metres, the impressive Twin Towers ― Goldin Prime Commercial Centre and
Goldin Classic Commercial Centre are situated in the eastern part of Goldin Metropolitan.

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Convention, Entertainment and Hospitality

Goldin Metropolitan provides a full range of cultural and recreational facilities,
catering to every need in the CBD.

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Goldin Metropolitan Mall

Goldin Metropolitan Mall, the retail area surrounding the landmark building Goldin Finance 117,
is a mega high-end mall that offers a commercial area of approximately 180,000 square metres.

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