Goldin Finance 117

Goldin Finance 117 is the iconic building in the Goldin Metropolitan project. Towering over the CBD, Goldin Finance 117 is a 117-storey skyscraper built with superlative workmanship offering the latest and the best in technology, facilities and security. Standing at a total height of 597 metres, it will become the tallest building in Northern China and the third tallest building in the world (in terms of structural height) when the project is completed in 2017. Impeccably designed and constructed to the highest standards, the building’s superior architectural style and unique diamond-shape crown at the top will shine within Tianjin’s cityscape.

In addition, Goldin Finance 117 has the largest construction area in the world. Its Grade-A office spaces from the 7th floor to the 92nd floor, with a combined gross floor area of approximately 280,000 square metres, will be leased to multinational and sizeable domestic enterprises. The top floors of this iconic skyscraper are reserved for a five-star hotel offering stunning 360° panoramic vistas of Tianjin and beyond. Other features of Goldin Finance 117 include an indoor swimming pool, an observation deck and a revolving restaurant – all at the highest altitudes of their genres in the world.