Goldin Metropolitan Mall

Goldin Metropolitan Mall, the retail area surrounding the landmark building Goldin Finance 117, is a mega high-end mall that offers a commercial area of approximately 180,000 square metres. The whole area is connected to other parts of the CBD by footbridges and underground walkways.

Adjacent to the foyer of Goldin Finance 117 there are four boutique flagship stores. Each two-storey store enjoys a gross area of approximately 1,700 square metres, designated for world famous luxury brands. Two Commercial Corridors at the east and west sides of Goldin Finance 117 are three storeys high, and are directly connected to the office buildings nearby and the Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The underground shopping area with a total gross area of around 60,000 square metres and the retail areas on both sides of Goldin EXPO Convention & Exhibition Centre with gross area around 30,000 square metres accommodate a wide range of shopping, entertainment and dining options.